OUMEF Meetings

  • 13 September 2016
  • 08 November 2016

OUMEF Masterclasses

  • 9 Sept 2016

Ledingham Lecture

  • 15 Nov 2016
  • 2 Mar 2017


The Oxford University Medical Education Fellows (OUMEF) programme aims to enable postgraduate trainees to develop as medical educators and leaders in education.

The Oxford University Medical Education Fellows work together, with the support of Oxford University, to promote, coordinate and quality-assure excellence in the medical education of students and doctors. It provides a forum for the discussion of educational ideas, and provides supervision for the educational side of training. It began life under the auspices of the Oxford Deanery (as OMEF).

We provide support for personal medical education development, both informally and leading to formal qualifications. There are opportunities for the application of individual teaching knowledge and skills. We also work as a group to develop ambitious medical education projects.

Trainees enter the programme (via competitive application) at the beginning of their advanced specialist training careers. The Programme will provide annual appraisals to support Medical Educational Fellows obtain their objectives and launch their careers as Medical Educators and Leaders within the region and the wider NHS.

Closing date for submitting your applications: 30th June and 30th of November every year.

View our Statement of Intent and our full Terms of Reference here. Applications may be made electronically or using our application form.

Please contact us with any queries on the OUMEF process. You can always get more information before applying by writing directly to Dr Denis O'Leary. ( For website issues or enquiries please contact

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